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How – To Series 19: USD Error – Failed to Create Hosted Control

Hello everyone,

This blog post is on issue related to Unified Service Desk. We were getting an error whenever we create a Hosted Control in any of the organization in our Dev server. This started happening all of a sudden.


[Microsoft.Uii.Customization.Plugin: Microsoft.Uii.Customization.Plugin.RestrictDataDuplicationPlugin]
[923014f5-390e-42be-95e4-17d6f90ff805: Microsoft.Uii.Customization.Plugin.RestrictDataDuplicationPlugin: Create of uii_hostedapplication]

Following is one useful article provided some insights into possible causes but it didn’t help us to fix the issue. However, we were confident that issue is around sandbox service.

So, we restarted our sandbox and app servers which has fixed the issue in all except one organization. Then this question popped up “Why we need sandbox mode for Microsoft provided plugin in onprem environment?”. Answer – “Not Required..!!”. We then changed following UII and USD assembly isolation mode to “None”.

Plugin assemblies:


This solved our issue and we were able to create hosted controls in all of our orgs.  This may not be an actual fix for the root cause but a simple workaround for the issue(Remember it’s only for onprem).

Hope it helps..!!

How – To Series 18: Error – Failed to insert audit record

Hi all,
Recently, we were getting following error while trying to work with any CRM record in our non-prod environment. Prior to that day, we bulk updated huge set of records (~300K) which might have contributed to this issue.

          We started looking into CRM Trace Logs and found following error info. This info doesn’t give much info to resolve the issue.

“Failed to insert audit record”

 [Microsoft.Crm.Audit: Microsoft.Crm.AuditCreateUpdatePlugin]

         We then looked into SQL Logs and found following error info:

The transaction log for database ‘ORG_MSCRM” is full due to ‘LOG_BACKUP’.

This error info helped us in resolving the issue by increasing the disk space for the log file.  It indicated bulk updates in CRM resulted in rapid growth of Log file of the CRM ORG DB.

Hope this helps..!!

How – To Series 17: MS CRM 2013 Installation Errors

Hi all,
I was trying to do In place upgrade for MS CRM 2013 on my test server and I was getting following errors1. Setup asking for Reboot even after couple of restarts.“Error| Setup cannot continue because there is a pending restart required. Restart the computer and then try running Setup again.”

I went through Error Log located @ C:Users<User>AppDataRoamingMicrosoftMSCRMLogs

Following is the error log which says SkyDrive requires an uninstall. Even after uninstalling Skydrive explicitly the problem persists.

03:40:11|  Error| Reboot required — Key Found: HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRunOnce contains Uninstall C:UsersAdministratorAppDataLocalMicrosoftSkyDrive16.4.6010.0727
03:40:14|  Error| Setup cannot continue because there is a pending restart required. Restart the computer and then try running Setup again., Error, OK

03:40:14|   Info| InputResult: OK

Following Support Article helped resolving the issue. Article talks about “MS CRM for Outlook” installation. However, this applies to MS CRM installation also.
We just need to remove registry keys mentioned under the specified registry hive. This resolves the problem.

2. Setup System check fails as the selected CRM 2011 organization for upgrade is using CRM 4.0 end points in web resources.

We need to upgrade legacy code first in order to do the installation. So, it looks like Microsoft made it mandatory for the code upgrade from unsupported code(may be not every unsupported code). As it is a test server(Lazy enough to find an excuse), I have opted a Vanilla CRM Organization for the upgrade.

Hope it helps…!!! 🙂