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Hidden Security Role in MS CRM….!!!????

     Recently I was trying to assign all the available Security Roles in a Business Unit to a particular User using following Code:

     private void AssignSecurityRoles(IOrganizationService service, Guid userId)  
       QueryExpression query = new QueryExpression  
         EntityName = "role",  
         ColumnSet = new ColumnSet("name")  
       EntityCollection roles = service.RetrieveMultiple(query);  
       EntityReferenceCollection entityRefCln = new EntityReferenceCollection();  
       foreach (Entity entity in roles.Entities)  
       service.Associate("systemuser", userId, new Relationship("systemuserroles_association"), entityRefCln);  

To my suprise, I received following error: “The Support User role cannot be assigned to a User”

After debugging the code, I found that there is one role called “Support User” security role present in the list of retrieved security roles. I never seen this role in the CRM UI so quickly went through the CRM UI app and to my surprise it is not available. However, it is present in the SQL Server… !!! Doesn’t it mean it’s a hidden role???? Not aware of the actual purpose of this role. As per SDK documentation, “A user who is a customer support engineer” is the description for the Security Role.

I added an additional conditional to avoid associating “Support User” security role for the time being. Anyone has an idea about the purpose this Security Role????

How – To Series 12: Another restriction from Field Leve Security….!!!?

We all know that only OOB fields have been restricted from Field Level Security and all the custom fields can have Field Level Security. However, today i tried creating a new field of type “Single Line of Text” of format”EMail” with “Field Level Security” enabled.To my surprise I can see the following error:

And this is the error message in the Log file: “This field is not

I raised this issue with MSConnect here . Need to findout whether its bug or by design.